• Amphenol ConneXus OÜ Open or Close

    Amphenol ConneXus OÜ

    Address: Läänemere tee 72a, 13914, Tallinn
    Telephone: +372 654 8419
    GSM: +372 510 2623
    Fax: +372 650 4980
    Employees: 700
    Manager: Aleksandr Antonov


  • Arrow Electronics Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    Arrow Electronics Estonia OÜ

    Address: Sõpruse pst. 145, Tallinn 13417
    Phone: +372 6 77 42 50
    Fax: +372 6 77 42 51


  • Artec Design OÜ Open or Close

    Artec Design OÜArtec Design CEO


    Teaduspargi 6/1, Tallinn 12618, Estonia


    +372 6718550


    +372 6718555


    Founded: 6.07.1998
    Employees: 14

    Kaido Kevvai

    Activities: Electronic design, software and firmware development, FPGA design and industrial design, manufacturing of small series and prototypes


  • Boomerang Cable OÜ Open or Close

    Boomerang Cable OÜ


    Mahtra 30A, 13811 Tallinn


    +372 6681300


    +372 5667 5024


    +372 682 5172


    Employees: 25
    Manager: Tom Backman (english, swedish)
    Contact Persons:                                                        

    Tom Backman (english, swedish)


    Boomerang cable manufactures cable looms and performs assembly work for Nordic and Baltic industry. We deliver anything from wires to complete systems.

    Reg. Nr. 11445840


  • Dormikor OÜ Open or Close

    Dormikor OÜDormikor OÜ

    Address: Peterburi road 90f, Tallinn
    Telephone: +372 641 0850
    Fax: +372 641 0850
    Established: 1995
    Employees: 26
    Manager: Rein Nigul
    Contact persons:

    Leho Kramma

    Taavi Kukk

    Activity fields: Retail sales of electronic components and equipment
    Products and goods:

    Antennae, car electronics, electronic components, plugs, sockets, switches, cables, power supplies, batteries and rechargeable batteries, measuring instruments, chemical products, video surveillance and security systems, etc.

    Production and services:                               

    Ordering and assembly of electronic components


  • Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut Open or Close

    Eesti Innovatsiooni InstituutEesti Innovatsiooni Instituut

    Address: Sepapaja 6, Ülemiste City, Tallinn 11415, Estonia
    Phone: 372 610 1230
    Founded: 2005
    Employees: 18
    Manager: Lauri Nirgi

    Lauri Nirgi

    Activities: Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation (Rockwell Automation), Prototyping, Medical devices, Automotive, Control Systems
    Manufacturing and services: New Product Development (NPD), Modelling Services, Prototyping, Manufacturing equipment design, assembly and maintenance, Industrial Automation System Integration (PLC, HMI; SCADA, Motion Control, Industrial Networks)
    About: Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut (EII) is a new product development contractor, working with companies of all sizes from across Europe. Using our in-house resources we have developed products for clients from various industries, including automotive, ICT, medical and healthcare.

    Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut

    Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut

    Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut

  • Eesti Vanapaber OÜ Open or Close

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜEesti Vanapaber OÜ


    Jalaka 60B, Tartu,50109


    +372 5560 7069

    Founded: 2007
    Employees: 8

    Eva Pedjak

    Contact Persons:

    Priit Saarniit


    Moulded fibre protective packaging products and solutions

    GoPulp is Estonian company and is engaged with the collection of waste paper and producing paper pulp products. We offer solutions according to your needs, starting from the design to the finished item. GoPulp has set a goal to be recognized as environment friendly band offering quality products.

    Materials we use 100% recycled paper that is:

    * biodegradable

    * compostable

    * kerosene free

    * not releasing the combustion of toxic gases


    Electronic product increasing growth in development is part in our way of life and becomes bigger part of everyday life.

    Most of electronics devices requires its own customised packaging.

    It is important to protect the equipment against impact and vibration.

    GoPulp offers the possibility of designing and preparing the suitable product. Packaging can be manufactured for electronic products or for electronic parts which is needed to be packed separately.

    Packings can be manufactured in different colours.
    Certificates: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ

    Eesti Vanapaber OÜ


  • Eiskopf OÜ Open or Close

    Eiskopf OÜ

    Address: 3. floor, MetroPlaza, Viru Väljak 2, 10111 Tallinn, Eesti
    Telephone: +372 678 8080
    GSM: +372 5624 7146
    Fax: +372 678 8083
    Employees: 1
    Manager: Jaanus Eiskop


  • ELIKO Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus Open or Close

    ELIKO Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus

    Address: Mäealuse 2/1, Tallinn 12618
    GSM: +3725088791
    Manager: Indrek Ruiso
    Reg. Nr. 11054022


  • ELMATIK OÜ Open or Close


    Address: Männiku tee 104, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia
    Telephone: +372 6755 405
    GSM: +372 50 36 094
    Fax: +372 6755 407
    Founded: 1994
    Employees: 4
    Manager: Kalle Puusepp
    Contact Persons: Kalle Puusepp
    Activities: Trade
    Products and goods: Industrial automation components, wholesale and retail.
    Electronics Industrial equipments wholesale and retail.
    ESD-protecting systems, training and consultations.
    Production and services: EPA (ESD Protected Area) Consultations.
    ESD trainings.
    EPA (ESD Protected Area) audits.
  • Enics Eesti AS Open or Close

    Enics Eesti ASEnics

    Address: Valga mnt 7a, Elva
    Telephone: +372 7361 777
    Fax: +372 7361 783
    Established: 2004
    Employees: 750
    Manager: Jaanus Aal - Elva Site Manager
    Activities: Electronics Manufacturing Services
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; IRIS OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 13485 implemented, not certified; TS 16949 implemented, not certified; SA8000 readiness, not certified
    Production and services: We offer our customers the full range of manufacturing services and full range of Demand and Supply Chain services.


  • Eolane Tallinn AS Open or Close

    Eolane Tallinn ASeolane


    Peterburi tee 66, Tallinn 11415


    +372 6 849 000

    Fax: +372 6 849 001
    Founded: 1993, acquired by Eolane in 2012
    Employees: 350
    Manager: Philippe Jego
    Contact Persons: Philippe Jego
    Activities: Electronics manufacturing services
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, TS 16949 – Automotive


  • Ericsson Eesti AS Open or Close

    Ericsson Eesti ASEricsson Eesti AS


    Peterburi tee 67A, 11415, Tallinn


    +372 6065000


    +372 6065001


    Founded: 2009
    Employees: 1350

    Andreas Nordin

    Contact Persons:

    Katri Kuuse

    Activities: Telecommunications equipment manufacturing and engineering center
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007
    About us:

    Ericsson is a world-leading manufacturer of communications network equipment who provides telecommunications services and multimedia solutions in more than 180 countries.

    Ericsson’s activity covers the entire communications process. We conduct technology research, develop communications network solutions, and create and maintain the systems.

    Ericsson Supply Site Tallinn began its work in 2009.

    In Ericsson Supply Site Tallinn, there are circa 1300 employees of which 900 are production and 400 office employees. In addition, we work in close cooperation with staffing solution providers. The production in our company takes place round the clock, throughout the year. In addition to the supply site’s personnel, there is also an international logistics center at our supply site; the center provides services to Ericsson Supply Sites all over the world.

    Our work environment is multicultural. People of different nationalities, coming both from Estonia and abroad, work here. Our formal communication takes place in three languages: English, Estonian and Russian. We value our employees' job satisfaction and self-development; we pay close attention to the improvement of occupational health and safety, and of management culture.

    In our everyday work professionalism, respect and perseverance are important for us. Innovation is one of the pillars of our corporate culture and key to our success.

    Using high-tech equipment, Ericsson Supply Site Tallinn produces communications network base stations that make cutting-edge data transmission possible in the world. We specialize in the assembly of base stations as well as their content production. In order to be competitive, we take in particular into account our customers’ needs and wishes, and we are innovative in developing new solutions and products. In our product portfolio, there are 3G and 4G products that enable both wireless and wired Internet connection.


  • Finesta Baltic OÜ Open or Close

    Finesta Baltic OÜFinesta Baltic OÜ

    Address:                 Roosikrantsi 9-47, Tallinn
    Phone: +372 6 806 232
    Fax: +372 6 825 383
    Founded: 10.07.2008
    Employees: 5
    General Manager:   Heikki Mäki
    Contact persons: Heikki Mäki, Veiko Norit
    Scope of business: Finesta is dedicated to providing solutions for international businesses on quality recruitment, staffing, outsourcing and localization projects.
    Services: Finesta Baltic is leading personal service company in Estonia. Finesta specializes in strategic consultancy for outsourcing and optimizing efficiency from the manufacturing industry all the way to service industries providing the full scope of Innovative Personnel Services. With a long history in providing reliable services, Finesta can provide you with all inclusive solutions. During our 4 years history we have placed over 5000 talents in a variety of positions or helping them to find new challengies in their career paths.


  • FLIR Systems Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    FLIR Systems Estonia OÜFLIR Systems Estonia OÜ


    Osmussaare 1, 13811 Tallinn


    +372 6063900


    +372 6063979


    Founded: 1997

    Tiit Tallo

    Activities: Thermal Imaging
  • Ilmar Petersen Open or Close

    Ilmar Petersen




  • Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    Incap Electronics Estonia OÜIncap Electronics Estonia OÜ

    Address: Tehnika 9, Kuressaare 93812
    Phone: +372 4521723
    Fax: +372 4520955
    Founded: 2000
    Employees: 75
    General Manager: Otto Pukk
    Contact persons: Otto Pukk -
    Scope of business: Provider of manufacturing services with special focus of high quality electromechanical products for energy efficiency and well-being technologies.
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2015
    ISO 14001:2015
    ISO 13485:2003
    Products: e.g. instruments analysing sport performance, tracking devices, walk through metal detectors and weather stations
    Services: Contract manufacturing, design services, project management and test services


  • Inission Tallinn OÜ Open or Close

    Inission Tallinn OÜInission Tallinn OÜ

    Address: Betooni 9A, Tallinn 11415
    Telephone: +372 606 4420
    GSM: +372 53 42 2982
    Fax: +372 606 4421
    Employees: 50
    Managing Director: Marina Strik
    Activity fields: Electronics


  • Interconnect Product Assembly AS Open or Close

    Interconnect Product Assembly ASInterconnect Product Assembly AS

    Address: Läike tee 5, Peetri alevik, Rae vald, 75312, Harjumaa
    Phone: +372 659 3390
    Fax: +372 659 3399
    Founded: 1999, an independent, privately owned company
    Employees: 150- 180
    Chairman of Management Board: Koidu Kask
    Contacts: Roman Klepikov
    +372 5265 085
    Field of activity: Contract manufacturer. Telecoms/Datacoms, Automotive, Railway, Industrial and Commercial industries - but we are always interested in developing new opportunities.
    Countries of destination: Sweden, UK, USA, China, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia ect.
    Certificates: ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004, IRIS implementation 2012, Also followed by TS16949 when needed
    Products and Services: - HVAC units
    - Railway ventilation system modules
    - Wind generators mechanical details
    - Electrical module assembly
    - Low and medium voltage cabinets
    - automation equipment
    - Cable and wire harness assembly
    - Co-axial lead assembly
    - Flat flex and ribbon harness assembly
    - Design and development
    - Supply Chain Management
    - Resale
    Machinery and equipment: * FARO® Gage Plus - Portable 3D measuring arm
    * KOMAX Alpha 433 L Lead Maker
    * KOMAX Gamma 333 PC Lead Maker
    * KOMAX and MEGOMAT cable cutting and stripping machines
    * SCHLEUNIGER strippers for wires and coaxial cable
    * AMP-O-LECTRIC "G" Terminators with Crimp Quality Monitor
    * PP3 Striping-Crimping terminators
    * RJ45, RJ11 and other patch connector termination presses
    * FFC contact insertion presses
    * WELLER hand soldering workstations
    * Ultrasonic cleaning
    * CIRRIS and CABLESCAN cable harness testers
    * MECMESIN pull off testers
    * HIOS and IST torque testers
    * UNITRON visual inspection microscope with printing facility
    * MITUTOYO and NIKON measuring equipment


  • Interflux Eesti OÜ Open or Close

    Interflux Eesti OÜInterflux  Eesti OÜ

    Address: Piiri 5C, Keila 76610
    Phone: +372 6576 747
    Fax: +372 6576 747
    Founded: 2002
    Employees: 4
    Manager: Andres Leedo


  • KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ Open or Close



    Pae tn 21, 11415 Tallinn Harjumaa (reg. address)

    Posti 27, 74805 Loksa (activity address)


    +372 5196 0048

    Founded: 26.09.2014
    Employees: 10
    Manager: Andrei Krianev
    Contact persons:

    Andrei Krianev

    Products and goods: Company provide technically innovative mechatronic solutions based on Switched Reluctance Motors/Generators, offer a complete service for the development, manufacture and support of bespoke highly reliable Drive/Generator systems for low, medium and high RPM applications. Power electronic solutions for this systems based on modern IGBT/MOSFET transistors and advanced materials technologies
    Production and services:

    Build-in Switched Reluctance
    Motors/Generators Motor Control Systems
    Power Electronic Solutions
    Embedded Electronic Boards, Systems & Solutions
    Software Development
    Digital Signal Processing


  • Lainisalo Industrial Painting OÜ Open or Close

    Lainisalo Industrial Painting OÜLainisalo Industrial Painting OÜ


    Peterburi tee 66/70, 11415 Tallinn


    +372 5553 8880

    Founded: 2015
    Employees: 9

    Kulvo Pendra

    Contact Persons:

    Andrei Pevgonen

    +372 5553 8880


  • Logistika Pluss OÜ Open or Close

    Logistika Pluss OÜLogistika Pluss OÜ

    Address: Punane 73, Tallinn 13626
    Phone: +372 6224600
    GSM: +372 5039533
    Fax: +372 6224620
    Manager: Toomas Orutar

    Toomas Orutar

    Kadi Torn - Sales Director

    Employees: 330
    Activities: Logistics, warehousing and manufacturing service
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, AEOC certificate
    Manufacturing and services: Logistika Pluss Ltd is the largest warehouse keeper in Estonia, offering a range of different logistic and production services for international industrial and electronics groups, manufacturers and importers of food products, alcohol and basic commodities. The main services include receipt and storage of goods, picking and packing of orders and transport services anywhere in Estonia, plus giving the products an added value.We also offer excise warehouse, customs warehouse and customs terminal services and customs agent services.Our production sector clients are welcome to assembly, quality control and packaging services. If appropriate, client's system can be linked to our accounting and administration software.


  • Mereo Group OÜ Open or Close

    Mereo Group OÜMereo Group OÜ


    Paldiski maantee 31, Keila 76606



    +358 404 803 060

    Founded: 2013
    Employees: 9

    Markku Jokela

    Contact Persons:


    Markku Jokela


    Manufacturing of automation equipment


    Robotic cells for:
    - Odd form component placement
    - Selective soldering
    - Dispensing
    - PCB depaneling with saw or router
    - Test handling
    - Final assembly
    - Packing lines

    PCB conveyor and PCB handling systems

    Laser tooling systems, welding, marking

    - Tray
    - Bowl
    - Radial
    - Axial
    - Reel pin
    - Label

    Aluminum profiles and profile systems


    DFA, Design for automation consulting. Logistics management consulting


  • MS Balti Trafo OÜ Open or Close

    MS Balti Trafo OÜMS Balti Trafo OÜ

    Address: Vihtra tee 3a, Vändra 87701
    Phone: +372 4471660
    Fax: +372 4471667
    Founded: 1997
    Employees: 160

    Jaanus Luberg

    Contact Person: Lia Rohula, Sales Manager

    Development, production and sales of transformers, other magnetics and power supply units or asm’s.

    Certificates: ISO 9001-2008

    - Ferrite winding goods for power supply with switch frequencies from 20 kHz up to 300 kHz and    500 kHz up to 30 kVA
    - Customized and standard 50 Hz transformers, starting from 0.5 VA to 80 (max 100) kVA
    - Power supplies
    - 3-Phase transformers
    - Chokes and toroids (ring cores)
    - Custom special designs

    Manufacturing and services: We offer to our clients transformers with 0.5 VA to 20 kVA in 50-60 Hz (range from 20 kVA to 80 kVA in starting step), inductive components and power supplies. Our products are used in a wide variety of telecommunication equipment, radio electronics, audio and video equipment, household equipment, industrial electronics and automation, industrial measurement technology, complex measurement equipment, medical equipment, power supply units and transmission equipment, mining industry equipment, etc.


  • Nordic Automation Systems OÜ Open or Close


    Address: Töökoja 8, Tallinn 11313
    Telephone: + 372 50 42 568
    Founded: 2014
    Employees: 25
    Contact Persons:                        

    Business - Viljo Veesaar
    Products - Viljo Veesaar
    Sales - Arne Kaasik
    Services - Kuldar Loime

    Activities: Development and manufacturing of industrial automation and  telematics devices and sensor technology.
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015
    Products: Several LoRaWAN technology based sensors and controllers for
    remote reading of various metering devices and remote control
    of street lights, electrical appliances etc.:
    • water, heat and gas consumption remote metering sensors;
    • luminaire controllers;
    • electricity consumption remote metering devices.
    Devices and solutions for building and maintaining end-to-end
    LoRaWAN public and private networks:
    • LoRaWAN gateways;
    • Server software for control of LoRa networks and data
    handling, either as cloud service (preferred) or licensed for
    on premise usage;
    • Selected applications (e.g. luminaire control application
    SensorLink® technology industrial tools’ monitoring sensors
    and gateways.
    Services: Turnkey smart metering AMR/AMI solutions.
     LoRaWAN network building and maintenance.
    Tailor made telematics solutions (tailor made remote readable
    sensors, controllers based on LoRa technology).
  • NOTE Pärnu OÜ Open or Close

    NOTE Pärnu OÜNOTE Pärnu OÜ

    Address: Laki 2, Pärnu 80010
    Telephone: +372 444 8500
    Fax: +372 444 8501
    Established: 1992 as Paitec Elektroonika OÜ
    Employees: 220

    Risto Talv
    +372 444 8511

    Activities: EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO TS 16949 compliance since nov.2012

    Products and goods:                               

    Electronic equipment

    Production and services:                                        

    NOTE Pärnu is focusing on industrialisation and volume manufacturing of labour-intensive products offering high-mix manufacturing solutions supporting the needs of customers in and outside the EU. Our Pärnu site offers complete, lower-cost manufacturing solutions with easy access to the European market. The manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing and engineering services, PCB assembly, NPIs, box build, aftersales, build-to-order and configure-to-order services.


  • OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜOSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ


    J.V.Jannseni 26, 80010 Pärnu, Eesti vabariik


    +372 50 12476


    +372 44 51523


    Founded: 2005
    Employees: 35

    Ingvar Kuusk


    PCB and device assembly


    ISO 9001:2008

    Reg. Nr.



  • Ouman Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    Ouman Estonia OÜOuman Estonia OÜ


    Kalevi põik 7, Kuressaare 93815


    +372 452 4405


    +372 453 1497

    Founded: 1998
    Employees: 145

    Erik Keerberg

    Contact Persons: Erik Keerberg, Rando Kubits, Aadu Väli
    Activities: Production and sales of devices for temperature regulation.
    Certificates: ISO 9001-2008

    Control devices for electric sauna

    Control devices for ventilation and temperature regulation

    Control devices for heat pumps

    Temperature sensors

    Manufacturing and services: Manufacturing and sales of OEM and Ouman branded products designed by Ouman Oy (Finland), as well as some EMS manufacturing for selected customers.


  • Perel Eesti AS Open or Close

    Perel Eesti AS


    Mustamäe tee 62, 12916 Tallinn, Eesti


    +372 6998844


    +372 50 21665


    +372 6998841


    Founded: 1992
    Employees: 5

    Urmas Kulm

    Contact Persons:

    Urmas Kulm - Sales Manager

    Reg. Nr. 10261492


  • Proteus OÜ Open or Close

    Proteus OÜProteus OÜ

    Address: Raua 7, Viljandi 71020
    Phone: +372 43 55467; +372 43 55391; +372 51 40905
    Fax: +372 43 55461
    Founded: 1993
    Employees: 30
    Manager: Ardi Reiner
    Contact Persons: Janar Jaadla, Aide Saagim
    Activities: Electronics and electric industry subcontractor
    Products: Prepare electric cables, cable ties, RF-cables and assemble electric and pneumatic boxes for the drives
    Manufacturing and services: Production of proto- and small series
    Reg. Nr. 10459892
    VAT: EE100201165


  • Rantelon OÜ Open or Close

    Rantelon OÜ

    Address: Akadeemia tee 21G, Tallinn 12618
    Phone: +372 6813650
    Fax: +372 6813651
    Founded: 1995
    Employees: 27


  • Reimax Electronics OÜ Open or Close

    Reimax Electronics OÜReimax Electronics OÜ


    Mäealuse 6, 12618 Tallinn, Eesti


    +372 66 51 640


    +372 66 51 642


    Founded: 2005
    Employees: 47
    Manager: Mati Vollmer
    Contact Persons: Argo Aruvald +372 5345 0727
    Certificates: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007
    About us::

    Reimax Electronics Ltd. Is an electronics manufacturing company whose target is to play an active effective role in the customer’s value chain. We are focusing on electrical and electronic wiring, fiber optic cables and cable equipment manufacturing.


  • Scanfil OÜ Open or Close

    Scanfil OÜScanfil OÜ

    Address: Vana-Sauga 40, 80010 Pärnu
    Telephone: +372 44 26 801
    Fax: +372 44 26 810
    Founded: 1997
    Employees: 600
    Manager: Jari Linnala
    Contact Persons: Kadi Üürike
    Jari Linnala
    Ilkka Teirioja
    Activities: industrial electronics- and telecommunication products manufacturing and supply chain management
    Certificates: ISO9001
    Production and services:                                                             Main focus on Energy and Automation, Network and Communication, Environmental Measurements, Urban Application segments Production and services: Scanfil OÜ is part of global organization of Scanfil EMS Oy located in Pärnu. Additionally to Pärnu Scanfil has plants in Finland (2), Sweden (2), Poland (2), Germany, USA and China (2). Main areas of operations is industrial electronics- and telecommunication products manufacturing including supportive functions of NPI, procurement, sourcing, logistics, production and delivering with active customer service and aftersales support. Pärnu plant offers all previously mentioned services and includes mechanics, cable assembly, electronics and integration technologies and processes.

    Scanfil OÜ

    Scanfil OÜ

    Scanfil OÜ

    Scanfil OÜ

     Scanfil OÜ

  • Skeleton Technologies OÜ Open or Close

    Skeleton TechnologiesSkeleton Technologies OÜ

    Address: Kaare tee 3, Lubja 74010 Harjumaa (R&D Center)
    Phone: +372 5362 7057
    Established: 03.09.2009
    Employees: 70
    Manager: Taavi Madiberk
    Contact persons: Rait Karri
    Activities: R&D, production and sales of high performance energy storage solutions.
    Certificates: RoHS Compliant, Skeleton Technologies is a contractual partner of European Space Agency and has been granted the newest ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certifications to recognize Skeleton's compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system standards.

    Products and goods:                               

    Skeleton Technologies is Europe's leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors and has achieved global break­throughs in product performance through the use of patented nanomaterials. We deliver high power and high energy storage solutions across industries including the automotive, aerospace, heavy transportation, industrial, and grid and renewables sectors.


  • Stoneridge Electronic AS Open or Close

    Stoneridge Electronic AS Stoneridge Electronic AS

    Address: Valdmäe 5, Saku vald, Harjumaa
    Telephone: +372 669 4080
    Fax: +372 669 4081
    Founded: 1999
    Employees: 260
    Manager: Per Lindberg
    Contact Persons: Milko Milatškov
    Hedy Mikk
    Business area: Production of electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry
    Certificates: ISO TS16949, ISO14001, Ford Q1, Successful Estonian Company 2017
    Products and goods:                                                                                     Electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry
    Production and services: Development and production of electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry

    Stoneridge Electronics is a leading supplier to the automotive, truck, bus and off-road markets. Our products range from telematics systems, driver information systems, and tachographs through electronic control modules and power distribution centers to multiplex systems and cockpit switch modules. We also offer aftermarket products and are proud to supply products and systems to the majority of the most well-known European Vehicle producers like Volvo, Scania, MAN, Daimler, Fiat-Chrysler and Ford. The company complies with ISO TS16949, ISO14001 certification and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

    We have worldwide over 4000 employees, in Estonia 260.

    Stoneridge Electronic AS

    Stoneridge Electronic AS

  • Tallinn Polytechnic School Open or Close

    Tallinn Polytechnic School


    Pärnu mnt. 57, Tallinn 10135


    +372 6103601


    +372 610364






  • TDR Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    TDR Estonia OÜ

    Address: Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn - legal address
    Papiniidu 5, 80010 Pärnu - factory location
    Telephone: +372 664 5428
    +372 5647 4800
    Fax: +372 664 5429
    Employees: 15
    Manager: Andrus Paut


  • Teleplan Estonia OÜ Open or Close

    Teleplan Estonia OÜTeleplan Estonia OÜ


    A.H. Tammsaare tee 118D, 12918 Tallinn


    +372 618 1111


    +372 618 1112


    Founded: May 2010
    Employees: 25

    Aivar Elbrecht

    Contact Persons:

    Aivar Elbrecht, General Manager,

    Eiko Priidel, Engineering Manager,

    Activities: repair of optical and electronics equipment, design and manufacturing of test systems
    Certificates: ISO 9001-2008; IPC-certified repair technicians

    Tailored test solutions for 3C – Communication, Computer and Consumer Electronics commodities in (mass) repair and manufacturing environment

    Manufacturing and services:

    Radio Base Station (RBS) units’ (including RF and microwave) Screening, Repair and Refurbishing – MHAs, DRUs, PSUs, WPAs, TRx etc.

    Reverse Engineering / analog/digital electronics, sw engineering / Failure Analysis / Test Engineering services


  • Tradex AS Open or Close

    Tradex AS

    Address: Lähtru tee 25E, 90802 Palivere, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa
    Telephone: +372 472 0470
    GSM: +372 505 3943
    Fax: +372 472 0472
    Employees: 50
    Manager: Urmas Tingas


  • Vocational Centre of Pärnu County Open or Close

    Vocational Centre of Pärnu CountyVocational Centre of Pärnu County

    Address: Niidupargi tn 8//12, 80047 Pärnu, Estonia
    Telephone: +372 442 78888
    Fax: +372 442 78889
    Established: 2003
    Employees: 178
    Students: ~1300
    Headmistress: Riina Müürsepp
    Contact persons:

    Riina Müürsepp - Headmistress

    Varje Tipp – Head of department of development

    Jüri Puidet – Head of technical department

    Activity fields: Gaining vocational education on technical field on the basis of basic school and secondary school education in computer sciences, materials manufacturing, electronics and automation, construction and civilian facilities, mechanics and metal work study fields; adult further education (training courses) and vocational pre-training.
    Specialities, study lines:

    Maker of electronical devices

    Installer of low voltage systems

    Opportunities for studying and study forms:

    Daily studies (on the basis of basic school education and secondary school education)

    Session learning (on the basis of basic school education, full-time)

    Further education, training courses

    Further education (short training courses) in electrical and energetics field:

    Industrial- and building automation solutionsTöö

    Smart buildings. Building automation total integrated solutions.

    Further education for the employees of electronics companies.