Tartu Observatory supports Estonian electronics industry in development of new products with testing and consultations


Tartu Observatory of the University of Tartu offers environmental testing services along with consultations to ensure the conformity of electronic devices with established requirements.

In the process of developing new devices, it is important to ensure that they are safe, reliable and compatible with other systems in use, while also meeting the requirements of relevant standards and directives. Testing is essential to achieve this.

Practical experience and pre-tests

There are quite some examples of small enterprises having just finished the first working prototype of a new product and realizing that they also need conformity assessment tests in order to bring the product to the global market.

On several occasions, however, it has appeared that an otherwise perfectly working prototype fails the conformity tests.

Discovering this type of flaws in the final stage of product development costs the enterprise lots of time and money. This is why it is necessary to ensure the product meets the requirements already in the designing phase. Tartu Observatory in Tõravere offers consultations along with parallel pre-tests to achieve compliant product design.

Services necessary for electronics enterprises

The anechoic chamber at Tartu Observatory enables testing of electronic devices for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in terms of emission and susceptibility as described in   standards EVS-EN ISO/IEC 61000-4-3 and ECSS-E-ST-20-07C. The observatory is one of the few places in Estonia where this kind of service is offered.

Besides that, electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests can be done in the voltage range of (±1...30) kV. The tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standards EVS‑EN ISO/IEC 61000‑4-2 and ISO 10605.

Environmental testing

The laboratories of Tartu Observatory also offer tests in different climatic conditions. The possible temperature range is (-40...+150) °C and relative air humidity (30...90) %. Devices can be tested for mechanical shock, vibration (EVS-EN 60068-2-6, EVS-EN 60068-2-64, ECSS-E-ST-10-03C) and vacuum at the minimum pressure of 5×10-7  hPa and temperature range of (-40...+150) °C.

Many different devices have been tested at the laboratories of the observatory. What makes the laboratories unique is the ability to test space technology. For example, all of Estonian cube satellites have been tested there: both the ones in space and the ones yet to follow the others.

Tartu Observatory’s laboratories have become a valuable partner internationally as well. For example, last year the biggest satellite in the observatory’s history was tested there: a six unit cube satellite developed by the Lithuanian enterprise NanoAvionics UAB. Besides that, enterprises from the U.K., Finland, Sweden and elsewhere have gone to Tõravere to test their devices.

Testing and calibration of optical devices

Tartu Observatory is also unique in Estonia for having testing and calibration capabilites for optical devices such as radiance and irradiance sensors, light sources, and optical filters. The optical measurements are performed in the wavelength range of (300...900) nm.

More information about the laboratory services of Tartu Observatory can be found on the observatory’s website and the brochure introducing the laboratories.

The space technology laboratories of Tartu Observatory are part of the Testing Centre of the University of Tartu. The quality management system of the Testing Centre fulfills the requirements of the standard ISO 17025:2017. The laboratories also belong to ADAPTER, the network of Estonian universities, research and development organizations.


Testing and calibration laboratories of Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu

Observatooriumi 1, Tõravere, 
61602 Nõo vald, Tartumaa
Telefon +372 737 2511
E-post tolab@ut.ee




UT TO homepage of laboratories https://kosmos.ut.ee/en/services/laboratory-services

UT TO brochure about the laboratories https://kosmos.ut.ee/sites/default/files/kosmos/toravere-laborid-eng-30-05-2019-netti.pdf


Testing Centre of University of Tartu katsekoda.ut.ee/homepage

Cooperation network ADAPTER https://adapter.ee/en/about-adapter/


Seadmete elektromagnetilise ühilduvuse katsed TÜ Tartu observatooriumi varjestatud kambris
Seadmete elektromagnetilise ühilduvuse katsed TÜ Tartu observatooriumi varjestatud kambris

Seadmete töökindluse katsetamine elektrostaatilise laengu mõju suhtes
Seadmete töökindluse katsetamine elektrostaatilise laengu mõju suhtes