Ultimus™ High precision dispensers


  Ultimus™ High precision dispensers
  • Fully electronic control of dispensing parameters
  • 16 possible settings
  • High speed solenoid for high dispensing accuracy
  • Time adjustments as fine as  .0001 seconds
  Performus™ General purpose dispensers
  • 8 models available to cover a wide range of applications
  • Digital timer
  • Pressure regulator 0-7 bar
  • Vacuum control and Teach function to make setup easier

Equalizer™ 2-component materials dispensing tool

  • Designed for use with Nordson EFD electropneumatic fluid dispensers
  • Accurate dispensing of precise and repeatable deposits of 2-component materials
  • Prevents hand fatigue, that is quite common in manual operations
  • Transfer kit provides ability to down pack from 2k cartridges to EFD syringe barrels

Optimum® components for fluid dispensing

  • Precision-fit adapters for easy, safe attachment
  • Channeled wiper pistons eliminates trapped air
  • Uniform barrel wall thickness for safety
  • Threaded tip hubs for secure attachment
  • Consistent color coding and tip diameters, regardless of style/length
  • Tips are free of burrs and flash that could obstruct fluid flow




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